Rajesh Jyothiswaran

I am an accidental photographer. A chance realization of my own latent photography skills, when a smartphone photo of my native plant garden went viral on Facebook, led to the purchase of my first real camera, a crop sensor Nikon D7000. I shot my first RAW image of an emerging daffodil in Spring of 2014. Photography has taken me on a path of self discovery, learning and friendships across the world. My interests include anything that looks good through the viewfinder, though landscape and astrophotography in places rarely photographed get me excited the most. I suffer from GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) with an ever increasing collection of vintage manual lenses some of which are 60 years old.

I live in North Texas with my wife and two daughters who taught me the basics of composition and light. They continue to inspire me every day to be a better husband, father and artist. I currently shoot with Sony a7RIV. My goal is to continue growing as an artist and be a source of inspiration to others like several great photographers have been to me.