Starry Nights - Rajesh Jyothiswaran

Star Spangled Fort

Fort Griffin, now a Texas State Historic Site, was a US Cavalry fort established 31 July 1867 by four companies of the Sixth Cavalry, U.S. Army.

The ruins in the picture are that of the administration building of the fort near Albany west of Fort Worth, Texas.

This site has some of the darkest skies closest to the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

During this shoot, I used a technique called low level lighting (LLL or LLLL) which utilizes very low intensity LED lights to illuminate the foreground. The intent is to try an and match the starlight to provide depth and presence for the foreground elements. For this image, I had one LED panel on a tripod to my right and a second LED panel dimmed down was set facing down in the inside left hand corner of the structure.

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