Rajesh Jyothiswaran

Rajesh is an award-winning landscape photographer based in Northern California. While living in Texas, his love of photography began with documenting Texas's native flora and has since expanded to include everything from macro images of plant life to astrophotography of distant celestial objects.

Regardless of what he might photograph, his artistic philosophy remains constant - to share his view of the scene in an objective, realistic, and natural fashion. His images have been published in magazines and displayed at several exhibitions, including London's Royal Botanical Gardens.

In addition to his photography, he teaches workshops specializing in astrophotography in the landscape and the flora of unique habitats such as western deserts and the Cypress swamps of the southeastern United States.

He has entered numerous photo competitions to develop his skills. As he did so, he noticed that the most successful images in such contests often sacrificed realism for an artificial sense of visual dynamism. Sensing the underappreciation of realism in photography in such competitions, he was motivated to create a different kind of photography competition that emphasizes realistic representation and fieldwork before "shock-and-awe" image manipulation. Rajesh is a Co-Founder of the Natural Landscape Photography Awards.