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Dallas Stars

A lot of folks familiar with the 1987 Oscar winning American cyberpunk action film, RoboCop might know that the movie is set in a dystopian Detroit, Michigan, on the verge of total collapse due to financial ruin and a high crime rate.

Many folks however do not know that although RoboCop is set in Detroit, Michigan, many of the urban settings in the film were actually filmed in Dallas, Texas. The futuristic appearances of the Dallas buildings, such as Reunion Tower, are visible in the background during the car chase. The front of Dallas City Hall was used as the exterior for the fictional mega-corporation, OCP’s Headquarters. The real Detroit only appears in stock footage during the film’s opening.

The 1999 cult classic and comedy, ‘Office Space’ is set and shot in the Dallas area and you will hear references to Las Colinas and other places in Dallas.

Oliver Stone’s Born on the Fourth of July was also shot in and around Dallas with college scenes set in Syracuse actually shot on the the campus of Southern Methodist University (SMU)

About this picture, I shot it three weeks ago when the Trinity River flooded and the pre-dawn flood waters reflected the skyline as a few stubborn stars in the sky vainly resisted the onslaught of the rising sun.

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