Nature - Rajesh Jyothiswaran

The tough little guy

Every bit as decorative as Japanese maples, Vine Maples (Acer circinatum) have an added bonus of providing local wildlife with food. . They are native to the Pacific Northwest from British Columbia to Northern California.

This Vine Maple tree looked shaggy with the spanish mosses covering its branches and sprawling over ferns under tall Douglas Fir trees. While it was too early in the year to see its glorious autumn colors, this tough as nails tree insisted on putting on a show by catching the morning sunlight as the warm rays of the sun penetrated through the thick canopy of Washington's Quinault Rainforest.

This is a 6 shot focus stack for greater Depth of Field.
Sony a7RII
Sigma ART 12-24 f/4 with MC-11 Adapter
ISO 100, 12mm 1/15s at f/22.

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