Nature - Rajesh Jyothiswaran

Fairy Falls

While this is not the tallest, biggest or most famous of waterfalls I have seen, it surely is one of the most charming and a lot of people consider it it the prettiest they have seen.

Getting here for me was not very easy though all descriptions about the Wahkeena trail in the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge, seem to indicate it is a breeze. May be it is for the fit Northwesterners. No, not for me. My glutes definitely made sure I knew where they were as I hiked up this steep trail. When I saw a guy walking by in flip flops and shorts, I felt definitely out of place.

The waterfall itself is a very refreshing and welcoming sight surrounded by ferns, mosses and other greenery of all shades. The dappled sunlight filtered through from the top of the 20 foot waterfall bathing it in a golden glow that explained the name given to the fall. One thing I missed out on at this place was shooting some close up long lens shots of the waterfall which some of my friends did and it looked very interesting and abstract.

If you are the meditating type, this is definitely the kind of waterfall, you would love to have have in your backyard and spend hours finding inner peace and balance.

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