Skies and Stars - Rajesh Jyothiswaran

Great American Eclipse

What I cannot capture in this image of the Great American Eclipse of 2017 is the chill in the air when the eclipse reached totality. The birds were chirping like it was sunset, the squirrels were chattering, wolves howled in the distance. There was even this cute little dog that came looking for his owner almost to tell him, ‘Daddy, it is time to go home!’.

My friend Chris Jackson is a big guy who is used to cold weather and he put on a jacket as the temperatures dipped. Stars appeared in the sky like the one I captured here. What happened during those two minutes of totality is not something that can be easily described or understood. I was not prepared for what I experienced but I want to experience this again and again if I am lucky enough to do so.

What you are looking at is about 36 photographs taken over a 3 hour period from the same spot.

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