Starry Nights - Rajesh Jyothiswaran

Magical Christmas

No one told me RAW files sitting on a computer hard drive can age like fine wine but, I shot these images a little over a year ago and was spurred to process them finally thanks to the recent Geminid meteor shower and the disappointment of missing the best opportunity to shoot them. These images were shot with my then back up camera while I was shooting what I thought was the best composition pointing in the opposite direction to where the Perseid meteors radiated from in the northeastern part of the sky. Little did I know that the camera I had set up for time lapse and star trails would capture a lot of meteors too.

This has been my first and only experience shooting meteors and my then 12 year old daughter and I had memorable experience watching the sky explode with the celestial fireworks over the St. Olaf Kirke, aka Old Rock Church in Cranfills Gap, TX.
Between midnight and 4:30am, I shot about 500 individual shots with this camera. A portion of those shots had meteors flying through. The setting moon threw off some wonderful sunrise/sunset colors on the horizon in the background.
The Meteor shower image shows the Milky Way and the meteors exactly in the same place and orientation as captured by the camera. Folks that are familiar with processing meteor shower images will understand that the meteors were not warped to show them flying in a certain direction. So for next meteor shower, pointing toward the Radiant may not be the best composition.

Prints of this image can be ordered on my website below.

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