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Prequel to my 'Window Seat Please" image, this one was taken just as my Emirates flight approached the Iranian coast line heading over to the Persian Gulf.

I am not a big fan of chocolate especially Hershey’s. I tend to avoid anything chocolate flavored like ice cream, cake or any dessert that has chocolate. It wasn’t always so and I still like Swiss chocolates or certain chocolates made in the US like See’s Candies or Godiva. Toblerone is a chocolate I have no issues with and that is exactly what this mountain range in Southern Iran reminded me of.

Triangular Prisms of milk chocolate with nougat, almonds and honey.

Iran is described as a mountain fortress. This Geological Structural zone is called Zagros. The Zagros is a geologist's paradise. In the central Zagros, there is sufficient rain to create rivers (more than 220 mm/year), but not enough to create forests. As a result, the rivers, full of mud, can cut deep into the landscape and create deep canyons. Here, the layers of the earth are clearly visible. Which probably explains what kept the chocolatier busy for millions of years.

Barren as it looks, this region is home to a rich and complex flora. Looking up Google maps of this place and its surroundings, I was surprised to find species tulips photographed growing wild. Now if I only I could find some bulbs to grow here.

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